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Raising money to help the Prosser community since 1956!

Raising money to help the Prosser community since 1956!

Our Board of Directors

Prosser UGN is administered by a Board of Directors of not less than 12 or more than 30, according to the By-Laws. One third of the Board members are elected each year for a 3 year term. Currently we have 15 Board Members with one-third (1/3) elected each year.

All members of the Board are volunteers and receive no compensation for their services. The board is responsible for making decisions regarding the admission of organization or agencies to the status of recipient, to obtain the yearly drive chairman, to support his/her efforts to run the yearly drive, and allocate the funds available to the recipient agencies.


Travis H.


Tucker K.


Dan G.


Gary H.

Board Member

Dennis P.

Board Member

Nick C.

Board Member

Barb H.

Board Member

Rick G.

Board Member

Jani A.

Board Member

Ann M.

Board Member

Erika H.

Board Member

Jane H.

Board Member

Candace A.

Board Member

Cristo M.

Board Member

Mari P.

Support An Organization That Supports You

We promote and support positive efforts to improve our community by providing a source of charitable funding for qualifying groups, projects and organizations that directly impact the health and human service needs and quality of life in the Prosser area.

Recipient Testimonials

Meals on Wheels

Mid Columbia Meals on Wheels

Mid Columbia Meals on Wheels would like to thank Prosser UGN for their generous funding grant this past year. The funds will help us impact the Prosser Senior community by providing warm and nutritious meals.


Prosser Youth Soccer

Thank you Prosser UGN for help in granting us funds so that we can provide scholarships to families of need and to make sure that every kid gets a chance to participate in soccer. 

Princess Theater

Valley Theater Company

Valley Theater Company thanks Prosser UGN (United Good Neighbors) for its donation. These funds help us to expand our season to include a matinee performance for each of our four plays.

Prosser PTA


We really appreciate the donation you made. It's going to really impact the way we are able to give back to the community and the schools. We appreciate all the work you do to gather that money and donate it throughout the community.

Prosser Senior Center

Prosser Senior Center

This is a great service to the community. Not only to us, but to so many other organizations you support. So keep it going….great!

Prosser Swim Team

Prosser Swim Team

Such a great program that really helps us to go out and keep more kids active. So we really appreciate it!

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