Prosser UGN Raises $200,000

Action Changes Things Sign

Wow, would that not be the greatest headline to see in the news, in the Prosser Record Bulletin? What would it take for Prosser United Good Neighbors to raise $200,000 to return back to community programs that benefit and enrich the seniors and the youth of our great community?

I will tell you what it would take. It would take each of the approximate 4000 households in Prosser to make a one-time donation of $52.00, that is $1, one greenback, 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 100 pennies each week.  That is giving up one Starbucks, Dutchbros coffee per month.

But wait, there is a catch, right, surely there is one, like the money goes to United Way?  Nope. Zero, Zip, Zilch dollars go to United Way. We do not owe them a dime, we do not pass on any percentage. Prosser United Good Neighbors is its own standalone 501c(3) registered non-profit organization. We pay no salaries, no stipends, nothing, just as it has been for 60 years.

For 60 years Prosser United Good Neighbors has been a steward of money donated from businesses, farmers, and residents.  For 60 years, Prosser United Good Neighbors has taken in $1,200,000 in donations and returned all $1,200,000 in donations back to community non-profit programs that benefit the Prosser community.  We do not fund programs in Yakima, Tri-Cities, Sunnyside or Grandview. We fund programs that solely benefit the citizenry of Prosser.

Please click on the donate button on the top right of our webpage, please click on the donate button on our Facebook page, or click the button here at the bottom of this post and donate one-time, $52.00 so that we can disburse those funds to community programs and if we reach $200,000 we would have new programs for our seniors and youth start-up.

We look forward to receiving your donation for the enrichment of the Prosser community.