Prosser UGN Funds Prosser Conservatory Of Theater For Children


During the April 11th meeting, the Prosser Conservatory of Theater for Children presented their application and request for $1500 so that they could provide a two week summer program for approximately 20-30 kids.  The kids will not only learn to act, but all aspects of running a theater and producing a play.  Prosser UGN fully…

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Prosser UGN Funds Prosser Grid Kids Football

Prosser Football

At the April 11th meeting, the Prosser Grid Kids presented their request for $2000 to replace worn unsafe equipment and award scholarships to families in need.  The Prosser UGN board awarded Grid Kids $2500 with stipulation that $500 would go to scholarships for kids in need.

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Prosser UGN Funds Valley Theater Company

Annie Play

On April 11th, the Prosser UGN (United Good Neighbors) met to review grant applications from local non-profit organizations. One of the recipients, the Valley Theater Company, was awarded $2500. VTC’s application stated” The VTC purpose is to nurture, promote and showcase quality theatrical and cultural events, to provide a venue for community based activities, and…

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Prosser UGN Funds Prosser Youth Soccer

youth soccer

At the August 2015 Funding meeting, Prosser Youth Soccer made a presentation asking for funds. The funds are used to fund scholarships for families of need, in the form of covering player fees and jerseys. The funds are also used to continue to replace lost and broken equipment. The Prosser UGN board decided to fund…

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Prosser UGN Supports The Senior Center

Senior Center

During our last round of funding in May of 2016, the Prosser Senior Center came to us with a request for funds to help complete a maintenance repair project. The board decided unanimously to allocate funds to help with their request.

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