Prosser UGN Funds Valley Theater Company

Annie Play

On April 11th, the Prosser UGN (United Good Neighbors) met to review grant applications from local non-profit organizations. One of the recipients, the Valley Theater Company, was awarded $2500. VTC’s application stated” The VTC purpose is to nurture, promote and showcase quality theatrical and cultural events, to provide a venue for community based activities, and…

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Prosser UGN Receives Funds From Shopko Hometown

donate image

The newly opened Shopko Hometown in Prosser, made a generous donation in 2015 to help Prosser UGN reach their goal of $30,000 to fund programs within the the Prosser Community. All donations made in Prosser STAY IN PROSSER.

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Prosser UGN Recieves Funds From Yakima Federal Savings And Loan

1 donation helps everything

The Prosser branch of Yakima Federal Savings and Loan made a generous donation of $2185 in October 2015 for the 2016 funding year.  The gracious and sizable donation was used to help fund numerous programs that enrich and support our Prosser community.  Please follow their lead and donate today.

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Prosser UGN Funds Prosser Youth Soccer

youth soccer

At the August 2015 Funding meeting, Prosser Youth Soccer made a presentation asking for funds. The funds are used to fund scholarships for families of need, in the form of covering player fees and jerseys. The funds are also used to continue to replace lost and broken equipment. The Prosser UGN board decided to fund…

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Prosser UGN Supports The Senior Center

Senior Center

During our last round of funding in May of 2016, the Prosser Senior Center came to us with a request for funds to help complete a maintenance repair project. The board decided unanimously to allocate funds to help with their request.

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Prosser UGN funds Mid-Columbia Meals on Wheels


Mid-Columbia Meals on Wheels applied for funding to which they received a check for $7500. The funds allocated to Meals-on-Wheels will help ensure that Prosser senior citizens will enjoy warm and nutritious meals.

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